Wonder League

PSG Team makes the Robotics Finals!!!

Congrats to team Pretty Smart Girls (PSG) of KodeConnect’s for reaching the finals of the Worldwide Robotics Competition! Not only did the team make the final cut of 30 teams worldwide, (over 5000 teams submitted) but they also placed 1st in Massachusetts for the 9-12 year old bracket!!! The team of 4 girls of Brockton will come together to compete one last time on the final mission for a chance to claim #1 worldwide and win $5000. The deadline to submit is February 24, 2017! To learn more about the competition and results, read about the finalists here! https://blog.makewonder.com/announcing-the-finalists-of-the-2016-2017-wonder-league-robotics-competition-2657e8e9453b#.kbuo9t24y

Club Enters Wonder League Robotics Competition

KodeMakers Club of KodeConnect Inc. is getting close to wrapping up their Fall session by entering and competing in the Wonder League Robotics Competition. This competition allows kids 7-12 to compete all over the world by completing a series of missions by the Wonder League using their Dash & Dot Robots. The club breaks out into smaller groups and these teams work to solve the problems using their Wonder App and their robots. KodeMakers has 3 teams competing. In the 7-9 year old group we have KodeConnect Jedis. Within the 10-12 year old group we have the KodeConnect PSG (Pretty Smart Girls) team and the KodeConnect Avengers. Check out a video submission by the KC Jedis below:

If you are curious about the missions. Take a look here.