Summer Of Coding with KodeConnect (SOCK)

Get ready for an amazing summer of Coding. Our SOCK program is taking signups! This summer's focus is Out of This World!!! We will be learning how to code and compete in the Zero Robotics Competition.

June 26th - August 4th Mondays - Fridays 9am - noon

Location: DCCE Building Downtown Brockton: 68 Legion Parkway, Brockton, MA

The SOCK Program is designed to be a hands on coding and robotics class for kids rising into 6th - 8th Grade this September (Current 5th - 7th graders). 

What is Zero Robotics?

Zero Robotics (ZR) is a computer programming competition where SPHERES satellites (the robots) inside the International Space Station (ISS) are controlled by programs developed by students. In the ZR Middle School Program, student teams create programming code that will control the SPHERES in a simulation. The teams also develop games to help them build a strategy in order to accomplish the competition tasks. After several rounds of competition, regional finalists will compete in a championship round “aboard” the ISS. An astronaut will use student teams’ code to control the SPHERES in a competition that will be broadcast live! 
The ZR Middle School Program is a 5-week program with expected participation of about 15 hours each week (75 hours total). The KodeConnect team will be meeting 5 days per week with 3 hours ZR curriculum per day (9AM to 12PM).
Not all of this time will be spent indoors at computers - students will have many opportunities to get up, move around, and enjoy their time. There are several hands-on activities in the first two weeks of the program. Some examples of the hands-on activities students will engage in are: students will pretend to be the SPHERES satellites as they learn how to control them; they will build models; and they will work with different materials to understand how the SPHERES satellites move in space. Additionally, while students are programming in the third and fourth weeks, there will be additional activities that allow students to move around - it is important to take frequent breaks and have fun!
Learning Goals

The ZR Middle School Program has several specific objectives:
To engage students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and space science. 
To help students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
To help students build communication and collaboration skills.
To make explicit connections between students‘ understanding of math and science in everyday situations.
The ZR curriculum has been designed to be very flexible and engaging for all students but doesn’t lack rigor and challenges. It integrates best practices for teaching and learning, including inquiry and collaboration, and authentic assessments of student learning (in particular, formative assessments). 
The Importance of STEM

Throughout the five weeks, connections are drawn between the ZR game, the ZR curriculum, and the STEM content being taught in the middle school and high school. There are explicit linkages to STEM educational pathways and careers built into the curriculum. These connections help students start to think and act like scientists or mathematicians - and they begin to see themselves in these roles as they move through school and beyond.  
It is essential that today’s young people are exposed to and understand STEM topics and their real-world applications. The ZR competition is linked to actual space research - the design and testing of software used to control robotic pods (the SPHERES) that may be used on space missions. The primary goal of this program is to excite middle school students about STEM, with the hope of encouraging them to pursue their studies in these fields so that they can enter STEM careers. Since this is an informal education program, it will also be fun! 

Computers and software will be provided. Cost per child is $75.00. Transportation is not provided for class except for Field Trips.