KodeConnect Adds 2 New Board Members

KodeConnect is excited to announce the addition of two new board members to the KodeConnect family! At KodeConnect, our board is committed to exposing and engaging underserved youth with STEM learning experiences. Sara Czyzewicz and Ed Cabellon, two accomplished and impressive individuals, will soon be joining us in our constant effort to help inspire the next generation of programmers, engineers, and problem solvers.

Hands on Learning: Inspiring Kids in the Tech Industry

How can children be inspired to learn more about tech? One of the best methods is through hands-on learning. In hands-on learning, children are able to be inspired directly by those in the industry, visualizing themselves within the field and finding the specializations that interest them the most.

KodeConnect's School Vacation Field Trip with Slalom Consulting

On April 18th, students visited Slalom Consulting to learn more about engineering and problem solving. During their field trip, they worked hands-on with engineers to see how they tackled the challenges they face day-to-day, in addition to learning about a variety of roles in the tech field, and brainstorming new products and designs. 

By connecting education to real world problems, our students were able to see how valuable and diverse the field of technology and engineering can truly be.

Hands-On Learning Gives Concrete Results

One of the major advantages to hands-on learning is that kids are able to connect in a tangible way. By touring a technological firm or seeing technology in use, they're inspired to see themselves in roles and contexts that they may not have imagined before. Tech is all about giving kids options: showing them what is possible.

Hands-on learning forms memories that will last a lifetime. At Slalom Consulting, kids were able to take part in multiple levels of the company's design and development process.

Keying In to a Child's Learning Style

It's well-known that some children are more visual learners, some auditory, and some hands-on. Some children have to be able to see something, others do better while listening. A walkthrough of local companies that are highly technical or tech-inspired engages all of a child's senses, giving them more opportunities to connect with the experience.

Meeting Role Models in the Tech Industry

Often, children need to really see the people within an industry to connect to a path for them. By seeing people like them inside of a tech field, they will be inspired to learn more about it. Role models within the technical field can serve as inspirations, telling children exactly what it is about the tech industry that inspires them.

During their time at Slalom Consulting, the students were able to learn about the various roles that were used to build a product, and were able to see themselves within those roles. 

There are many benefits to hands-on learning and business-related outreach programs. By showing children how technology is being used in the real world, you can open up their minds to the possibilities. For companies, this type of community outreach serves to foster learning in the new generation. To learn more, connect with us at KodeConnect.

KodeConnect School Vacation Field Trip


Don’t have plans for School Vacation?  Join us on a trip to a technology company in Boston Thursday, April 18th.  Excited to be partnering with Slalom Consulting for our Tech Field Trip series. 

Transportation and Lunch included. No cost for the kids. If you are interested, please fill out the form. We will cap at about 16-20 kids. Chaperones also needed and welcome!

Get a sneak peak of Slalom’s Build group here!

What’s planned that day???

Activities with Engineers with team problem solving

Meet the builders of platforms that thousands of people use! See first-hand how the spend their days tackling challenges and participate in some yourself

Scavenger hunt learning different technology roles  (not just coding!)

Building software requires more than a team of programmers - learn about project management, testing, research, graphic design, user engagement, and most of all teamwork

Come together to brainstorm a new idea for a product!

Time to get creative, take risks, and explore what’s possible! Learn how to ideate actual products that solve real-world problems and people will love

New Spring After School Programs

We have some amazing upcoming programs starting this month in our Brockton location. All programs are focused on enrichment and exposure into STEM.

Lego League Junior
Wednesdays from 4-5:30pm Beginning April 3rd (Grades 2-5) - 10 Weeks
We introduce STEM concepts to kids grade 2nd to 5th while exciting them through a brand they know and love − LEGO®.  Learn more about this after school program here!

Make It! Wear It!
Friday’s starting April 5th from 6:30-7:30pm (Grades 5-9) 6 Weeks
We step into the STEM world of Making.  Kids will learn step by step coding challenges transforming simple materials with electronics, sewing, and coding into a wearable they get to keep. Learn more about this after school program here!

Amazing Showcase Event in Brockton

Amazing night at the Enso Gallery in Downtown Brockton Dec. 9th! This was a chance for the community to see a showcase from kids involved in KodeConnect programs over the past year. The evening started with KodeConnect exhibits from 6 of there programs: 

  • Summer of Coding w/ KodeConnect
  • Electronics and Programming
  • HTML Basics at WB Mason
  • Wonder League Competition
  • KodeMakers Club
  • Web Development Basics

Kids were able to share their experiences and even do live demos of their work. The night moved on to a presentation of KodeConnect and a sharing of experiences from parents and kids. There was also a video highlighting the year in review. 

The night concluded with more networking and raffles that supported the program. Truly a win for the Brockton Community and bringing innovation to our kids.


Kode Freeze 2017 Showcase December 9th!!! Don't Miss!

Please join us on Saturday, December 9th from 5pm - 10pm at the Brockton Enso Gallery (50 Center Street) for a celebration and showcase!

Please support taking our children into the world of Technology and preparing them for the future.

  • 5pm - 7:30pm: Exhibit of KodeConnect Programs and Bites

  • 7:30 - Until: Honors, Presentations and more!!!


Our junior engineers will be showcasing our programs, so in the spirit of the holidays please wear your ugly sweater.




Please reach out to contact@kodeconnect.org or 888-770-CODING (888-770-2634) to learn about partnership and sponsor opportunities!

Methodology: The KodeConnect Approach to Summer Camp

Methodology: The KodeConnect Approach to Summer Camp

This was our first summer coding camp through MIT’s Zero Robotics program. This past 5 plus weeks has been an amazing ride and a reflection on what I imagined a summer camp would be. Our middle schoolers being challenged, our instructors being challenged, but in the end coming away with something we are proud of.

KodeConnect Celebrates Success!!!

What an amazing evening for KodeConnect’s 2nd annual Drinks & Bytes event last Thursday at District Hall! This event was to celebrate that success, but also allow for many of our partners in the Boston area hear stories from parents whose children are in the program. We had networking, games, raffles, drinks, bytes (the kind you consume), and a whole lot of fun.

Approximately 70 participants attended, including software engineers, volunteers, executives, instructors, staff, and people who want to help with our mission.  Money raised that evening will help towards our 2017-2018 programming and give kids the tools to explore the world of coding and other areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

In addition to all the stories being shared, we also announced our first summer camp students placed 1st place in Massachusetts MIT’s ZeroRobotics program and will be competing in the finals against 11 other states next week!

Big thank you to our corporate event sponsors District Hall, Cengage, Mission Possible of LogMeIn, and Cross Culture Ventures!

For those who missed it, you can still contribute at www.kodeconnect.org/donate