PYTHON FOR KIDS- An Introduction to Programming Made Fun!! (Wed/Fridays - 8 weeks)

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PYTHON FOR KIDS- An Introduction to Programming Made Fun!! (Wed/Fridays - 8 weeks)


Python for kids brings Python to life and brings kids into the world of programming.  Our instructors will help guide the kids through the basics of Python while experimenting with a unique example programs, that are not only fun but also feature special characters: monsters, secret agents, thieves and even more than can be listed.  Sponsored by Cengage, we will provide all students with the tools for this class.
Some terminology will be used and taught during the class such as code is colored, dissected and these steps will help the kids create full colored illustrations.

Students will learn:

•    How to create and manipulate fundamental data structures
•    How to use existing API’s such as turtles and RetroPie
•    The process of organizing and reusing codes with functions and modules
•    Draw shapes and patterns using Pythons turtle module
•    Kids will learn how to use control structures
•    All the while working towards completing a final project the MintyPi

This class is intended for kids ages 11-13, no prior coding experience needed.

Cost: $50.00

Length 8 weeks at 2 times per week (Wednesdays/Fridays)

Classes begin: February 28th will be the first day, second day March 2nd from 5:30pm-6:30pm

Location 1351 Main Street Brockton, MA 02301


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